As we begin to feel a little nostalgic here at Global we challenged the team to have a little fun and come up with traditional scenes from famous movie that could be given a “global makeover”

Todays is Showboat


Orginal Version                                                           Global Door Version

Dere’s an ol’ man called de Mississippi                 Need a door call the Global Door Co
Dat’s de ol’ man dat I’d like to be!                          Dat’s de kind of company for folks like me
What does he care if de world’s got troubles?      They can take care of all of your troubles
What does he care if de land ain’t free?                    When you buying a new door- you see

Ol’ man river,                                                                    Good ole Global
Dat ol’ man river                                                        Dat good ole Global
He mus’know sumpin’                                                        They sure knows somethin
But don’t say nuthin’,                                                        Problems to them is nuthin
He jes’keeps rollin’                                                        They just keeps selling
He keeps on rollin’ along.                                            Keeps on selling good doors

He don’ plant taters,                                                       They don’t sell cheap stuff
He don’t plant cotton,                                                       Don’t sell nothing rotton
An’ dem dat plants’em                                           Cos dem that sells that stuff
is soon forgotten,                                                       Is soon forgotten
But ol’man river,                                                       But good ole Global
He jes keeps rollin’along.                                           They just keeps selling them doors

You an’me, we sweat an’ strain,                              You an’me we don’t need to sweat an’ strain
Body all achin’ an’ rack’d wid pain,                              Body all achin’ an’ rack’d wid pain
Tote dat barge!                                                      Don’ you worry
Lif’ dat bale!                                                                  Don’ you wail
Git a little drunk                                                      Cos Global do da fitting
An’ you land in jail.                                                     An’ the service never fails

Ah gits weary                                                               When you gets weary
An’ sick of tryin’                                                   When you sick of tryin
Ah’m tired of livin’                                                   Not sure o what
An’ skeered of dyin’,                                                   You thinks you’re buying
But ol’ man river,                                                   Just call ole Global
He jes’keeps rolling’ along.                                       They just keeps selling gooddoors