Composite Door Reviews

Composite Door Reviews


Composite doors reviews we tell the truth even if it is bad

Composite doors reviews cannot be allowed to become a problem! Our reputation is dependent upon good reviews.

The Glazing industry in the UK has had so much “bad press” that it is not unreasonable that the general public are somewhat cynical when they see product testimonials for doors and windows etc.

It is generally taken that the best form of recommendation for any product or service, has to be the testimonials of those who have already purchased the product or service and are prepared to give written endorsements in glowing terms. Fine so far but can we always believe that those same testimonials are indeed truly independent and have not been written by the company’s marketing departments? This was one of the recent concerns raised in a recent independent BBC review where they also made reference to “Ghost writers” and articles/reviews by deceased individuals.

At Global Door we thought we had no such concerns regarding the validity, or otherwise of our wide, because we use an independent assessment company. In order to ensure that our testimonials are accurate, fair and give a warts and all assessment of our products and services Global door subscribe to “Trust Pilot” a company completely stand alone from Global Door but even “Trust Pilot” were not immune from the BBC comments and of course the whole issue has been jumped upon by the press to discredit all such reviews.

AT GFD HQ – Global Doors is one of our web sites we were so concerned by these comments that we published the attached article on our sister web site Timber Composite Doors to highlight to our customers that we do get bad reviews –very very few – and how to find them  – check it out at –

So how does the system work? Our customers do not write to Global door or any GFD Group companies with their glowing testimonials (or the very very very odd complaint) instead they are requested to write a review of quality of product and service and forward these “Trust Pilot” NOT ourselves consequently Global Door have no influence over the reviews that may be published in their name, the first time Global are aware is when information is published via a separate link to the Global door web site.

Global door are happy to take this approach to testimonials because we know that each and every one of our composite doors is manufactured to exacting standards and they are as strong and durable as any comparable door

With a choice of twenty door styles in numerous colours and a multitude of glazing and accessories choices we know that we are giving our customers what they want – providing a quality product  and a tried and tested installation service.  At Global Door we believe our product and service are second to none and we have no fear of composite doors reviews as our independent Trust Pilot Website customer testimonials prove, it’s all there on our web site.