Front Door, Back Door, any external door

Front Door, Back Door, any external door, with a range that extends to twenty-seven door styles –fourteen traditional and seven contemporary and six cottage we have something in the Global Door range of doors which will suit any location.

External Doors are something we all take for granted, every home has at least one and two if you have a back door, we pass through them probably thousands of times a year and give them little thought until something goes wrong, a glass panel breaks, a lock sticks or some other minor disaster occurs.

Here at GFD HQ, the home of Global Door, doors are our livelihood and yet apart from researching, vetting (exactly as our customers would expect) and selling them, even we take those in our domestic routine for granted. The reason is probably simple the door as we know it is never going to revolutionise the world in which we live in, the technology to develop and manufacture them may use some radical techniques but it is unlikely to make the ten ‘o’clock news, and yet the history and life that surrounds any two doors is very unlikely to be the same.

Back in 1973 a US Country and Western singer Charlie Rich had a number 1 hit “behind closed doors” which contained the line “no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors “ a line that has always been true, such is the mystery that surrounds a typical front door. The words of Mr Rich’s song err on the romantic side, but, all life exists behind closed doors, romance is born, marriages are made, families are created and in the final act, life ends, and in between there will be lots of tears and laughter and lots of arguing and making up – how many inanimate objects can boast such a rich tapestry of life. Each of us knows how good it feels when we are having the proverbial “day from hell” to step across our own threshold turn the lock and shut out the world and relax – the weight just seems to lift off our shoulders.

We also sometimes forget how difficult it can be to open that very same door and step outside and face the world head on – for anyone of any number of reasons there will be times when the comforts of our home will seem far more appealing than taking that step into the unknown. When we start to think of our front door as the comfort and security we need when times are hard or the opportunity to indulge new adventures when times are good maybe then we would not take it quite so much for granted.

Here at Global Door we think our doors are the perfect solution, strong and secure to keep you and your family safe and warm whilst being both stylish and welcoming to visitors and yet being sufficiently understated that they blend into their environment and as such encourage the home dweller to step outside into the everyday hustle of bustle of life secure n the knowledge that their own front door will be there waiting to welcome their return.

The twenty-seven door styles are available in a range of thirteen colours and we have already matched the very best of accessory ranges to make it easy for you to choose your perfect door. At Global Door, we try to make every step easy for our customers, it normally only takes one visit to our web site and they keep coming back – because we offer so much –

Stylish doors with a multitude of accessories

Masses of technical stuff about your door

Lots of interesting information you may not find elsewhere about statistics security and the performance of your door

A gallery page of photographs of actual installations   (Which will hopefully be up by the time you publish)

“First Class Installation Service

Excellent Sales and after sales service

Consumer Protection and Insurance backed guarantees through the GGF / GGFII

0% Finance (for qualifying customers)

Independent Trust Pilot Reviews

And probably best of all if you simply click “Quick Quotes” on the home page drop down menu this will open up a step by step guide to designing the door that you actually want, not the door that some salesmen would like you to take, rather than explain again how easy it is to select the door of your dreams we would suggest that you read our previous article “Front Doors from Global make choosing easy” or if you are in need of more technical information our blog “Composite Doors, not really complex”  should provide you with all the information you need.

When designing our web site, we have tried to make it as easy to follow and as user friendly as possible, with simple step by step instructions and lots of interesting graphics and actual installed photographs, but we are far from perfect and if there is anything that you consider we need to add or qualify which will improve the manner in which we present our product we will be very pleased to take your call.

The humble front door it houses so many secrets, so many hopes and dreams maybe it is time we all took it a little less for granted here at Global Door we believe that we have taken that first step in honouring the Front Door by creating a web site worthy of one of the most important products in all of our lives why wait visit Global Door web site now.