The Spring Equinox, otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox, occurs each year on the 20th March, and heralds the arrival of spring and thoughts of lazy hazy summer days just around the corner. But what is the Spring Equinox – did we not hear the National Weatherman tell us just the other day that astronomical Spring fell on 1st March – so what’s the difference

An equinox which only happens twice a year once during the Autumn Equinox and once during the Spring Equinox marks the point when the sun positions itself exactly above the equator before crossing it.  The Spring equinox marks the beginning of astronomical spring, meaning from today onwards the days will be longer than the nights, which hopefully means more sunshine with all the good things it brings, warmth, light, the rebirth of flora and fauna and individual health benefits, a boost in happiness levels, the vitamin D we miss out on during the darkness of winter  and possibly even a tan. Just to make our longer days and shorter nights even better we change our clocks on 31st March.

Of course, anyone who suffers from Hay Fever will probably not be looking forward to their annual bout of sneezing and crying as the flowers begin to bloom and pollen is rife in the air

Spring is the time to feel relieved we have survived the winter – a bright and optimistic time to look forward to brighter days ahead – but first comes the spring cleaning.

Whilst your giving your front door a bit of a spruce up maybe you should take a closer look –

is the frame still secure?

does your door sit well in the frame -no warps or twists?

-are there any broken or glazed panels?

 are the locks and hinges still working well?

are the accessories still complete and working well (springs on letterplates etc)?

if everything is good then your door has survived another winter intact but will it do as well next year?

If the answer to any or all of the above is negative it is maybe time to start planning for next winter. If your front door is older it will more than likely be the source of draughts, which means both cold entering and heat leaving your home and that heat loss is just like waving goodbye to your hard-earned cash and getting nothing in return.

A new composite front door where the door and frame are constructed and pre-assembled in the factory complete with all draughtproofing included will all but guarantee the elimination of draughts next winter and for years to come thereafter and as the components of a Composite door include a super-efficient thermal core that’s a further plus in the saving of your hard-earned cash.

Not all Composite Doors are the same, neither are the companies that install them, but we at Global Door have not only been trading and installing quality doors for a dozen years we have built a reputation on that quality and service as is reflected in our Trust Pilot reviews, and our customers definitely know best.

With quality and prices as good as these examples why not start thinking now about what next winter could bring and take a look at our web site. The above examples are only a very small selection of the styles, colours and accessories available inside the pages of the site.

A visit to our web site may just provide the inspiration you need to make the change. If you decide to change and choose a Global Door before the summer is out you will also have the pleasure of the compliments which your family , friends and neighbours will give you as to your excellent choice and you will still have the benefits of a warmer draught free winter to look forward too.