And in no particular order, the top 10 burglar deterrents are?

A well-known insurance company recently published a list of the ten most effective burglar deterrents as voted for by the burglars whom they had interviewed as part of their survey – the list is –

1. CCTV camera
2. Sound of a barking dog
3. Strong, heavy doors
4. TV that has been switched on
5. Locked UPVC windows
6. Cars parked on driveway
7. Overlooking property
8. Surrounding fences
9. Gates outside the property
10. Motion-activated security lights

We use the phrase “in no particular order” in our header with caution because although we do not disagree that all of the above are effective we can think of three glaring omissions (High quality secure door locks, a siren operated burglar alarm and having lights set on a timer in your home when you are out) and we would question the order in which they are placed but of course we have vested interests as here at Global Door we sell solid secure doors. Our list would be slightly different –

1 CCTV camera  as available from our sister company Eurosuecure see –

2 Strong durable Composite Door with either a hardwood core (Premium range) or a polyurethane foam core, both are available in dozens of styles and colours and  both are excellent solid doors particularly when complimented by a high quality secure door lock such as the  Ultion locking system (the most secure available for the domestic market fitted as standard) all as available from ourselves Global Door

3 Motion activated security lights as available from our sister company Eurosecure see – – Protect your home with the world’s only motion-activated security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere.

4 A Siren operated burglar alarm as available from our sister company Eurosecure see – one of our many such intruder alarm kits available as an alternative to (3) above

5 Leaving a TV or lights on using a timer switch or a home automation Power Switch allows you to remotely turn household appliances such as a lamp or radio on and off using your SmartPhone available as part of our Smart home alarm view and control kit see

6 Locked windows -more burglaries than you would expect to occur because of open windows – if you do not lock them you could lose more than you anticipate

7 Barking dog – available from your local pet shop

8 Car parked on the drive – available from a vehicle stockist near you

9 Don’t advertise your absence on social media – burglars read it too.

For 10 any of being overlooked by the surrounding property, surrounding fences, gates outside the property or even lack of shrubbery /hiding places in your garden, leaving accessible items (ladders, wheelie bins or anything you can climb upon in your garden) would be worth considering

As Police figures show that domestic burglary in England and Wales has gone up by 32% in the last 12 months, and 28% of households took no measures to protect their home from burglary it shows it can happen to anyone.

The cost of a burglary is both financial and emotional (insecurity / anxiety etc) plus your insurance cover going forward is likely to reflect the burglary with an increase in premium

A visit to our Global Door web site and that of our sister company Eurosecure and the purchase of a new door and/or one of the many alarm may be just the deterrent you need to take you off the local burglars’ appointment list.