How was your New Year?

According to the Scottish superstition of first-footing, the first person to enter a household in the New Year will dictate its fortunes for that year. A “lucky” first-footer is a dark-haired male who arrives bearing a, lump of coal and a drink – preferably Whiskey when in Scotland – we accept that Billingham (Teesside) may not be in Scotland but the act of “first footing” is still a well-practised tradition in many places throughout the UK.

We shall start this new year in the correct tradition by wishing all Global Door customers past, present and future a –

Healthy and Prosperous New Year,

So how was your New Year – quiet, sober and early to bed or rowdy with too much alcohol and you partying like it was 1999 ( to quote the late great Prince) and did you keep with the tradition of first footing – did your “first footer” admire your front door – he would have done so if you had had a new Global Door installed before the start of the festive season. However, if you chose the correct individual to be the first foot, he may be the person that brings your household the sort of luck that will ensure in a new front door for next year. Before you tell us your door is good for a few more years yet, unless it is relatively new say less than three years old, maybe it’s time to shake off the merriment of the last two weeks and take a good look at your front door – is it draught free, does it sit well in its frame without warping or twisting – is it well maintained – in fact is it generally in good condition – if not you could be about to be caught out. Why, just take a look at the weather forecast for early January, the weatherman is predicting a cold snap and that’s just an introduction to the next three months which can be truly awful with rain, snow, gales, freezing temperatures. That’s why it is a good time to take that careful look at your existing front door, some unlucky person out there could suffer the worst of all that weather and that someone could be you and we know that you would much prefer to be safe warm and secure behind a new front away from those cold draughts and the consequent increasing energy bills.

If upon inspection your existing front door is not quite as up to scratch as you first thought may we suggest that you consider an early new year investment in a new front door from Global Door – so many styles colours and accessories and they are all guaranteed to be draught proof and with a rigid polyurethane core heat loss through your front door will be just a memory. A visit to our web site will give you all the information you need to make your choice of the perfect door for your home and with our door designer you can design and price exactly what you want, not what some salesman is trying to sell you.

A door like the Blue, two panel four square shown below is only one of the possibilities – this photograph is only one of hundreds of actual installation images which appear on our Gallery page

If you are in any doubt as to whether you need a knew front door simply give one of our Sales team a call – let us help you make 2019 the year that your home became safer, warmer and more secure behind a new front away from those cold draughts and the consequent increasing energy bills. We know that your 2019 first footer along with neighbours, family and friends will all be gushing with praise over your choice.

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