The way it used to be – whatever happened to the traditional Christmas List ?

It seems a little nostalgic but the days of writing your Christmas list and pushing it up the chimney in the days when many homes still had them had a childhood magic that will live with those of us of a certain age – forever.

A blank piece of paper (or a fancy sheet like that above) and your imagination were all you needed – realistically you knew that you were unlikely to get everything you wanted so you aimed high – a bike, was always up there at the top there after it varied between boys and girls. It seems like such a long time ago that kids were writing their Christmas lists in this sort of manner, now the Christmas list is more likely to include a list of web sites and URLs to point you in the correct direction to get them what they really want not what you think they should have or what you think they would like. (it won’t change auntie Ethel she will come up with a pair of socks, hand knitted of course, for everyone)

Here at Global Door we know all about lists just take a look at the options we offer on all of our

doors, styles, colours, accessories etc they were all produced as lists before they became web site items. We place a great emphasis on making life as easy as possible for our customers and our developers worked exceedingly hard to produce what we consider to be a pretty slick ordering system, when our customers you use our door designer to create their dream door – they can build it, see the price and know exactly what they are getting. We endeavour to make the purchasing process as straightforward as possible by making it a step by step process but we can envisage a time when even our sophisticated systems will not be adequate for the more digitally minded a time in fact when rather than using our door designer, we will receive a mail or some other medium of communication similar to the children’s current Christmas Lists – i.e.


Dear Sir

Re – the Circle -Poppy Red – contemporary long bar – chrome letter plate – finger pull lock best price to install Upper Netherwitton – week Tuesday


If and when such a mail is received we shall respond with the required courtesy and suggest the use of our door designer as the quickest and easiest way to get the information required.

Christmas is the time when the traditional “to do” list – a piece of paper with a list of scribbled notes – really comes into its own – the presents list – the Christmas s food list, the drinks list, the who is visiting whom and when list – without them we would all be lost. Everything at Christmas for the majority of us is worked on the basis of a “just in time list” – the Christmas cake has to be made by – the turkey has to be bought by – the sprouts have to be on by, little Johnny’s present has to be picked up “click and collect “ by –

And your new front door from Global Door has to be ordered within the next couple of weeks if you want it installed for Christmas day so you can be the envy of friends and family all cosy warm and secure inside no matter what the weather may be outside.