Composite doors – what you see is what you get!

So, when the Home Page of our website carries a banner like the doors displayed below you can not only see the price we charge for these styles and specifications of doors, you can be assured that if you opt for one of these the price we advertise is the price you will pay.

Sometimes and it does not happen very often – what you see is what you get – that’s the way we try to conduct all of our business here at Global Door – no hidden extras, no salesman sitting in your lounge waiting to pounce with the “Managers discount of the day” in short you design the door you want we show you the price on the screen you order, we deliver and install.

Composite Doors, what you see is what you get

Because the whole of the GFD Group of companies, which includes Global Door, are web based we have to use the power of the internet to display our product, provide all the technical information our customers require, demonstrate a cost and get our customers to commit to a sale without physically seeing the product – we have nowhere to run or hide we have to display all of our facts accurately and correctly and probably most important of all – convincingly.

The basic philosophy of the whole GFD Group is transparency and honesty in all of our business dealings and accuracy in all of our on-line information.

In modern life, the phraseyou only get what you pay for” has been adopted by many of the cynics amongst us to describe every business deal but for any company which uses the medium of the internet for its sales, it has to advise its wares upfront and in a slick enough manner to convince the buying public that this is the deal for them – everything we present is open to scrutiny from the comfort of your armchair – as we said nowhere to run or hide.

At GFD Group we not only give you all the facts to let you make an informed decision we also provide all of our web sites with a “designer tool” to allow you to take charge of the design so the door that you design is totally bespoke to the individual. The “Quick Quote” drop down on our “Home Page” banner menu opens up a whole new world when it comes to choosing your new front door, simply follow the step by step instructions and in a matter of minutes you will have the door of your choice fully priced – hit the optional installation button and your price will change to reflect the full installation cost – what you see is the price you will pay – no hidden extras.

As with all consumer products there are always variations in quality some inferior, some superior – not so with Global Door – doors styles and colours obviously differ but the quality of the product is same every time because each and every door is factory manufactured under the most stringent of Quality Controlled conditions to ensure that the prime components –

  • a reinforced hardwood frame
  • a solid thermally insulated polyurethane foam core slab
  • a 2mm thick durable GRP through coloured skin to prevent warp, twist bow etc.
  • a thickness of 44mm which adds to the strength and creates a strong secure door

are the same every time.

The only exception to this same every time rule are the glazing and hardware accessories where materials may be sourced from differing suppliers. When it comes to you the customer reviewing prices we will not pressure you, just like the design it’s all about customer choice – we leave it to your own judgement to determine whether we can provide the product that you want at the price you want to pay.

We may not pressure you but we will try to guide each and every one of our customers, by providing the maximum amount of technical information, specifications, instructive videos within the content of our web site we even have a page The Gallery Page dedicated to showing how good our doors can look when installed – a page which has literally hundreds of photographs of actual installations just like these –

2 Panel 2 Square in Black

4 Panel 1 sunburst in Red

Just two of the twenty five styles available and they are all come in a choice of thirteen external colours with a huge selection of glazing and hardware accessories to personalise your door.


At Global Door we believe our product and service are second to none and we have our customer testimonials to prove it, it’s all there in the Trust Pilot reviews on our web site.

When you buy a door from a Global Door web site we believe what our customers are looking for is quality, which is always guaranteed with a door from Global Door, choice and service, choice and service always have their price and that is why Global door may not be the cheapest when considered against the competition but we are pretty certain we are ONE OF THE BEST