Composite front doors, so simple and so stylish

There are certain things that we humans seem incapable of resisting, simple and annoying things – place a roll of bubble wrap in front of any individual and the temptation will be to start popping the bubbles and we just have to keep at it – similarly when you receive a large package with chunky polystyrene packaging the urge to use the “Stanley knife” you used to open your package and start carving shapes in the polystyrene is all but irresistible.

Here at GFD HQ home of Global Door we have often wondered if the latter carving of polystyrene packaging is actually how the modern composite door was conceived, after all a large percentage of composite doors start life as a large sheet of compressed polyurethane foam and using machines somewhat larger than the one man “Stanley knife” operation they can cut and shape the polyurethane sheet into any shape they require. This has provided a huge impetus to the front door industry because even doors that were difficult to previously manager can now be produced simply by the method that the cutting machine is calibrated. When the same cutting principle is applied to the GRP cladding you have two of the three primary components of a composite door –

A Polyurethane foam core shaped to mimic the door style of your choice


Two matching GRP skins cut to the same profile

Add the third key component a timber reinforced frame

Place all three items in a “a large hydraulic press” with a lot of adhesive material and essentially you have the everything required to make the door of your choice.

A relatively simple process using a lot of complex machines and techniques and very stringent Quality Control procedures to produce a very stylish door – Composite front doors have in their own way revolutionised the way we purchase doors as they provide a new choice where one product can be engineered to fit a multitude of styles, it matters not whether you are looking for a Georgian, Victorian or even a Match boarded door; they are all available as composite front doors

Take the Global Door range of doors thirteen traditional styles including the much-loved Georgian and Victorian Styles, eight contemporary styles and four cottage styles and all of these doors can be “paired” to create the perfect “French door” and every one looks as stylish as the next – with white as standard for the interior there is no problem matching your décor, but for the exterior you can go as subdued and sophisticated or as wild and tempestuous as you wish because somewhere in our range of thirteen colours is the one that matches your personality.

There is also an extensive range of glazing and hardware accessories just to add that final touch of your personality so that when complete you can actually say” this is my door I designed it” – this is possible because as part of the Global Door web site we provide our customers with a “Quick Quote” door designer so that you actually do design your own door – you design – we manufacture and install.

The customer may design the door but Global ensure the quality, every one of our doors is designed and thoroughly tested prior to it ever reaching the customer to ensure that it meets the exacting “third party” testing standards of PAS 24 (strength and security) and “Secured by Design” (the one approved by Police and Insurance companies)

Composite front doors so simple and so stylish and they have one additional advantage over the competition – where as your timber door may warp or rot and will definitely need endless repainting or varnishing, and you UPVC door may well discolour over time – wipe your new composite door with a damp cloth from time to time and apply a little occasional lubricant to locks and hinges and you could find that in thirty years’ time it still both looks and works as well as the day you installed it


4 Panel 2 square with side panel

Chartwell Green 2 panel 2 square

Just to demonstrate how stylish these doors can look when installed here are two examples that we have lifted straight from our Gallery Page where you will find hundreds more examples of actual photographs of installations carried out by Global Door.