Were we ahead of our time

With the birth of in 1955 came the phenomenon that we know as the TV advertisement which for many they have always been a part of the Television viewing experience but advertising as we know it is about to change forever if the content of a recent BBC News article New technology can turn TV shows into sophisticated adverts ever come to fruition.

Love them or hate them they may soon be just a thing of the past – we all openly say we do not like them but secretly at GFD HQ we reckon if every television viewer is like ourselves we all have a secret favourite advert.

Current market research suggests that where possible we prefer to record programmes and when we watch them we simply fast forward over the adds – thereby leaving an awful lot of would be advertisers taking the time and money to create their own little artistic gems that May only rarely be viewed.

The alternative suggested by the above article is that adverts become mini epics or series with only one advert filling a typical four or five minute slot – some of which have already hit our screens – this all sounds very expensive to us here at GFD HQ so the suggested alternative of “product placement” as demonstrated in the video included in the above attachment sounds a far more realistic alternative – it is impossible to watch this video and fail to be impressed with the subtle introduction of products into otherwise normal shots, here at GFD HQ we particularly like the BMW placement x2 in the Police chase sequence.

Watching this video stirred the GFD collective memory – we had done our own somewhat simpler version of this some time ago – so we trawled through our old blogs and articles and look what we found – from a blog back a year past October –

https://www.globaldoor.co.uk/global-door-at-the-movies-casablanca-a-classic-starring-a-global-door-and-others/ an article which contained the following still (our version) from the 1942 classic movie Casablanca –

Yes that really is Humphrey Bogart posing as Rick Blain outside his bar all those years ago and yes that certainly looks like a couple of 2 panel 2 angle doors from our traditional Victorian range

And from Christmas last year –


Are James Stewart as George Bailey and Clarence Odbody really standing in the snow in front of one of our 2 panel 1 grill composite doors back in this 1946 classic – probably not as we admit to in our blog as we did not deliver to Bedford falls back then.

Our new Global Door web site is very, very, good and it has been an instant success with our customers but “product placement” in Television shows for the present has to be one for the future for Global Door – even though we had the concept a year ago – maybe we were ahead of our time

But for now we will continue to try to be as informative as we possibly can about everything our customers really need to know about buying a composite door and yes now and then we will continue through our blog to try to amuse and inform with reference to wider social issues.