Laminated Glass upgrades one of the ways to stop the entry of unwanted guests

Toughened glass is good but laminated is better. Whereas toughened glass by its very name is considerably harder to break than “Float / sheet glass”, toughened glass will shatter, if struck particularly hard in the correct place, and those who would wish to gain unlawful entry will know how to do it. The alternative to toughened glass is “Laminated glass” a form of glass with which we have become very familiar in the construction of car windscreens

If security is a real concern, the option to upgrading to laminated glass should be considered. Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when subjected to impact. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), between its two or more layers of glass. The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces. This produces a characteristic “spider web” cracking pattern when the impact is not enough to completely pierce the glass. As the glass in a typical door is normally comprised of small panels this means that it will be extra secure, and almost impenetrable, as it will not smash like standard glass.

An upgrade to laminated glass is recommended as part of the Global Door “Secured by Design accreditation package” , an accreditation that has been approved by the Police Force, and basically means that the door is upgraded to be as secure as possible in accordance with Police guidelines (check out the Secured by design web site if you want the full list of standards)

Global Doors, offer you the choice of whether you take either one or all of the following benefits which form the basis of the package.

  • Secured by Design locks as standard, which means that they must comply with BS3261 or PAS 3621: 2011
  • Upgrade to laminated glass,
  • Spy-holes which must comply with DHF TS 002 : 2009 Door viewers
  • Security chains which must comply with. DHF TS 003: 2012Door chains and limiters

Be safe, take the laminated glass option and you will be secure in the knowledge that any unwanted individual trying to gain forced entry to your property is going find that the easy option of breaking the glass in your door is no longer going to be their first option and that when it comes to the ongoing insurance of your property it may well reduce your future outlay