Thermal upgrades will not guarantee that you will be warm this winter but they will help

Thermal efficiency, why should you consider them when you are selecting a new door, maybe the question should be reversed and should be – “why would you not consider them” particularly here in the UK with our less than clement and somewhat unpredictable weather. The one thing that can be guaranteed with the UK climate is that sometime between October and March there will be an exceptionally cold period of weather and as recent years have been relatively mild, this could just be that extra cold one.

When the weather is at its coldest is when you need a draught proof well fitted and securely sealed front door. When you purchase a new front door from Global Door the very construction of the door is fulfilling a large part of the thermal requirements because the core of the door is mainly solid high density foam, which is not only strong but also has excellent thermal properties. This increases the energy rating of your door which can lead to a reduction in heating bills. What’s more we do not forget about the environment as we use a lead free outer frame, and the foam core used to construct the door is 100% CFC free, plus, all of our doors are manufactured at one site in the UK to help reduce our carbon footprint.

If the basic structure of your door is providing the best thermal insulation possible how can you improve it you probably cannot if you have a solid door, but if your door has any glazed panels these will be the weak link a weak link that can be significantly improved with a Thermal Upgrade.

So what does a Thermal upgrade mean with respect to your double glazed units-

Firstly they are injected with argon gas to improve insulation

Secondly they will also have a warm edge spacer bar, which deflects cold air better than the standard glazing bar.

There is an easy way to check the efficiency of your door y using our door designer

We can upgrade just about every glass option you can choose and that’s a pretty big range the last time we reviewed our web site it ran to forty two options, something for everyone from simple obscures to complex coloured and leaded lights, these are the small items that truly personalise your new door

A thermal upgrades are proven to improve the energy efficiency of a property, which can lead to saving money on heating bill and for that added comfort, which is why Global Door ensure that all their doors are independently tested for Thermal Efficiency ratings and this includes all of the all of the optional choices – they have all been tested by accredited third parties these are their figures not something created by ourselves which is why we supply a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) thermal efficiency certificate with every door we sell.