There are always exceptions to any rule, and this is also the case with composite doors. Unlike many manufacturers, we have not ignored the fact that a lot of customers request opening out doors. Whether it is for a garage/side door, or a kichen/back door this can be useful at times. Especially if there are radiators or other obstacles in the way.

Some manufacturers do not like to provide opening outward doors as they take longer to manufacture, and require the use of bespoke hinges. Not so at Global Door however, we spent the best part of a year developing an outward opening hinge system that was both practical and most importantly secure.

We can now offer all of our door styles in outward opening versions, meaning that you do not need to re-arrange furniture if it is an obstacle. It can also be useful if the door is situated in an awkward corner of the room. All of our opening outward doors still meet PAS23 and PAS24 regulations and are Secured by Design approved.