Does your front door colour pick you or do you pick it?

A picture as they say paints a thousand words and the colours displayed in the painting set the tone and the mood of the viewer. Colour dictates so much in the way we feel and the way we react in our everyday life to the extent that some phrases have now become clichés– “sunset yellow”, sky blue”, black as night” etc. Every one of us has a favourite colour, but does that colour in any way reflect our personality? Some would say yes, others would say no. Whether we believe this statement to be true or otherwise many an article, marketing campaign and even promoted product colour choice depend upon this relationship of the individual and their preferences.

In our own industry numerous articles have been written along the lines of “the choice of the colour of our front door reflecting our personality” sounds good but what if there are two or more individuals living in the property and they have very different personal characteristics, which colour do you choose, presumably that of the stronger character of the two? But not necessarily, sometimes it’s simply nice to give into our partners wishes.

So do we pick the colour of our front door or does it pick us and either way what would the colour say about us, probably in the majority of cases very little, other than we like the colour but if we are to follow the personality profiling route –


[easy-media cat=”41″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Does Black which we all accept as elegant and timeless suggest that we are strong personalities clear in thought and action or could it be that it says more about black moods and anger.

And the question

Which one applies here

A or B  or more likely both  and yes we know it’s an unfair question as the occupant does not pick the colour of the door

Check our composite black door gallery of over 60 real images


[easy-media cat=”39″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Blue – the colour of tranquillity that is if it’s a nice simple pastel shade of blue, but is it still as tranquil as the colour deepens or does it become slightly more intense and threatening like an on rushing storm.

We like to think the mid tone we have chosen for our door suggests both tranquillity and the power of the individual to perform when called upon rather than be threatening.


[easy-media cat=”40″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Red has to be passion when it’s a deep rich hue such as the colour in our range.

Anything lighter veering towards pink will be viewed as gentle and possibly open to persuasion the door in our range plays safe on the passionate side.


[easy-media cat=”42″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Green has always been the colour of nature and even more so in these days where the term “green” has taken on the “eco” meaning, there are however exceptions such as “British Racing Green” which has to equal Red for passion, and what about “lime” would this mean the owner was “sharp and acidic” in attitude.

The green door in our range is one that we think that any “eco” warrior would be proud to own not only because of the “evergreen” colour but also because the greatest of care is taken with all of our doors to ensure materials are naturally sourced and the “carbon footprint” of our doors is as low as possible.


[easy-media cat=”43″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]White – Pure, there is nothing more to say

To have a white door is to boldly state that you are very much your own person an honest and upstanding member of the community.

White doors are the hardest to maintain in pristine showroom condition therefore to do so suggests that you like to see the task through, however if you allow your door to deteriorate that may say something different about your character but we are pretty sure our customers fit the former rather than the latter profile.


[easy-media cat=”44″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Brown or any dark wood texture has to be rustic, the home of someone who is at peace with themselves and at one with nature and the natural world around them

All of our brown /dark wood doors are available in a natural wood grain finish to enhance that rustic feeling, bringing a little of the country feel to your front door. Whereas a Black door can seem sombre and angry a brown /dark wood door appears warm and comforting.


[easy-media cat=”45″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]Golden Oak timber –simply oozes style. Every property of real style either has or at some time during its lifecycle has had a natural timber door

If you take the bold move of fitting a natural wood grained door from our range you are making a clear statement that you are not following the convention of picking a colour and you are expressing your own style and identity by being different.


[easy-media cat=”46″ size=”250,250″ align=”left” style=”light”]The above selection covers the main colours that feature in our range, however now with the improvements in colour bonding we are able to offer as an option virtually any colour or shade you could desire provided it fits into the RAL range.

There are now so many options available that there will be one out there somewhere which could be said to match the personality of any individual but the question “Does your front door colour pick you or do you pick it” will probably still remain a mystery.