A composite door by any other name is not a composite door – or is it

It sounds a little like one of the first jokes you ever heard – “when is a door not a door, when it’s ajar”, but that’s not the case we at Global door have actually had enquiries for all sorts of spellings of Composite door – composit door is common –

We thought we were pretty streetwise here at GFD HQ and pretty much tuned into what the competition were doing but this was a new one on us and as customer wanted one so with our record for service we had to fulfil our customers’ needs. The search was on, out came the reference books, the magazines etc no reference to composit doors last resort the internet – no joy there.

Here in GFD HQ always thought a composit was a selection of grouped images like a group of family members or even a group of random doors that look amazingly like a composit of composite doors

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.27.41

– but composit does not describe our doors –neither does –

compote or Stewed fruit

compost rotted manure

or even

Compose – the art of musical composition

What if there was a web site for composit doors and our browsers had not found it? Would such a web site have the facility to b be able to match the Global door range of door styles, would it contain a design option for composit doors to find the door pattern and colour of your choice? Would It provide customers with the options that a Global door site does to add the accessories of your choice to your composit door to make it look really spectacular.

We were not yet prepared to rule out a composit door because our customers are always correct but could it be as good as a Global composite door doors which are always of excellent quality and meet all relevant standards, “Secured by Design” “PAS 23 & 24” registered with DGCOS to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We already know that there are few companies who can equal our excellent service because our TRUST PILOT reviews tell us so. We have spent a lot of time and effort upgrading our new Global Door web site cramming it full of all the information our customers need to make informed decisions when they purchase one of our doors but whoever or whatever composit doors may be we had to know what we were up against.

In desperation, because we do not like to give up on any customer requirement here at GFD HQ, we called the prospective customer to find out more about these composit doors only to discover we were the victims of a typographical error, for composit door read COMPOSITE door- there was no new kid on the block – no new company trying to take over the market

As we all know every good story has a happy ending and such is the case here, the customer’s in question who caused such confusion in the Global door offices now safely and securely in their home behind a Global composite door secure in the knowledge that there will never be a composit door to compete with the composite door installed by Global door.