Fire doors dispelling the myths




Further to our previous article “Composite Fire Doors – what you need to know “ we have received a few pertinent questions which we feel duty bound to address so as to avoid any confusion on the part of our potential customers. We apologise in advance to anyone who is reading both our previous article and this article together and has noted an element of repetition – at Global Door we care about our customers and would much rather give them too much informative information rather than too little.


Q 1 I have recently purchased a fire door but no documentation was provided with it.

Every fire door requires a proven document trail confirming its test criteria, manufacturing compliance and its component compliance if either none of or only some of the noted documentation is neither provided or at the very least available for inspection the chances are your door will not perform as it should in the event of a fire.

Q 2 The initials SBD what do they stand for and where can I get more information?

A   SBD = Secured by design -to take the words from the SBD web site as it is probably the best definition – The official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of “designing out crime “with physical security so when your door comes with an SBD approval you can be assured that it has complied with all the requirements of SBD criteria.

If the manufacturer is claiming SBD and you are in any doubt you can confirm this on the SBD web site where everyone who has achieved this standard is listed under the “List of members”

NOTE – the Fire Door that you purchase from Global Door is manufactured by a company called Doorstop International – you can use this link to confirm their accreditation

Note 2 An SBD accreditation on standard doors does not mean that it will achieve a fire rating as there are different categories of test your door MUST be SBD fire rated approved.

Q 3 Why does a fire door require a closer?

A     To comply with legislation a Fire Door must be kept closed at all times the most effective way of guaranteeing compliance is for the fire door to be installed with a closer, which must comply to EN1154.

NOTE – Not all standard chain closers comply with this Standard those supplied by Global Door both overhead and concealed do so – if you are in any doubt you should request to see certification for the door used on your fire door.

Q 4 My new fire door has Georgian wired Glass does this meet FD 30 Requirements?

A      As a large proportion of Georgian wired glasses are only unidirectional glass (which means it’s only a FD30 door in one direction) this may require that your Geo wired glass should only form one half of a double glazed panel, where a manufacture is offering Georgian wired glass is offered in isolation care must be taken to check the specification / certification.  All Fire Doors supplied by Global Door are fitted with Pilkington Pyrodur / Pyroshield glass (Pyroshield/Pyroshield II are Georgian wired).

Q 5 Why does my Fire Door require to have a smoke test?

A   The major cause of death where fires are involved is actually due to smoke inhalation   only when your door is rated FD30s as opposed to FD30. Can you be sure that it complies with the regulations – all Global Door Fire doors are supplied with a tube of fireproof mastic to be used to seal any gaps between the frame and abutting brickwork and therefore prevent any smoke penetration.

Q6 Who is liable in the event of a fire and my door has been found to fail compliance requirements?

A   As the “home owner” and therefore the person responsible for the property it is likely that you will be the one the authorities will prosecute should the product or installation be provided to be sub-standard under the RLO 2005 (the Regulatory Reform Order the fine is unlimited and a prison sentence is an option. For more information, see

Never assume that everything will be Ok check and recheck that all documentation/ certification is in place and that you are entirely happy with the installation.

Don’t take the salesman’s word that it’s a fire door……. make him PROVE IT


And finally – The only way to be truly certain the door is compliant is to buy a 3rd Party certified Composite Fire door from a trusted supplier such as Global Door..