-after what for many of us seems to have been a long drawn out “grey” if not a particularly cold winter

After the cupboards have been cleaned and rooms have been decorated what about the exterior of your home – why not a new front door.

A new front door will not only spruce up the exterior of your home but in the longer term it could have the hidden benefit of actually saving the household money – a modern composite door with a compressed polyurethane core has excellent thermal insulation qualities. Although you may not notice draughts from your existing door in spring and summer, come winter the heat sails out with your money as the draughts creep in. A new composite front door manufactured in strict quality control conditions in a factory environment is pre-engineered to ensure that the door, frame and associated draught proofing marry together perfectly to ensure that draughts are a thing of the past.

Here at Global Door we have a superb selection of Doorstop composite doors that will both brighten and add value to your home eighteen styles, thirteen colours, masses of glazing and hardware accessories in fact a door to suit and compliment any home, whether it is a traditional, contemporary or a cottage style door that you are looking for and here are three examples to show you just how good they look.

Global Composite Doors

A new front door is the kind of spring cleaning with long term benefits so why not visit our Global Door web site and see exactly how we can spruce up your home with long term benefits. The other benefit we have not yet mentioned – still feeling the pinch after Christmas – take a look at our 0% finance terms – at Global Door we love helping our customers with their “spring cleaning”