Local hero?

A statue found somewhere near ourselves here at GFD HQ but probably nowhere near you

Anyone who contacts the GFD Group through any of its online companies for doors Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure will know that this company is based in that gem of the North East Coast – Hartlepool – and the character in the statue none other than the infamous cartoon character Andy Capp – love him or hate him Andy is one of only a couple of reasons people remember the town.

The other one is – a monkey

But first Andy Capp -drawn and made famous by Reg Smythe who by this account in the BBC article “mirth and misogyny” himself had many misgivings about the local layabout hero with a tendency for excessive intake of alcohol and the occasional heavy handed settlement of domestic disputes. Andy portrayed a lifestyle which contrary to those who still hold the belief that “its Grim up North” has for the majority – even us Northerners – long since disappeared into folklore, but for a good number of years in the 60, s,70s 80’s and 90’s – Andy’s heyday he was essential reading in the Daily Mirror. Andy first came to notice in 1957 – we in the GFD HQ were aware of “the lovely story” but had no way of verifying the source of his origin which is repeated in the BBC article that –

Andy Capp was inspired by a man Reg Smythe saw at a Hartlepool football match who pocketed his flat cap when it started raining and when questioned by Smythe said

“You don’t think I’m going to sit in the house all night wearing a wet cap?”

As for the monkey – which only goes to prove we northerners can poke fun at ourselves we suggest you read the “Historic UK” account of an incident during the Napoleonic war – then you will know where the term “Monkey Hangers” originated.

Here at GFD HQ we are quite proud of our heritage and as with most individuals in these parts we have a strong sense of humour except when it comes to our web sites and online products where we adopt a full on professional business attitude because we only want to do the very best for our customers – quality product, quality prices and quality service.

Take for instance our Global Door web site where we have a superb selection of Doorstop composite doors in eighteen styles, thirteen colours, masses of glazing and hardware accessories in fact a door to suit and compliment any home. Simply opening the site on the “Home” page gives a flavour of what awaits within – excellent graphics showing the prices of selected doors inclusive of delivery – an offer of 0% finance – a link to our first class installation service and it’s topped off with the independent Trust Pilot reviews of our customers – we could now wax lyrically about the contents of the site but we would prefer that you visited Global Door and found out for yourself.

However we can advise that when you use our “quick quote” option you can design doors as stunning as these for yourself –

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