The outsider coming up on the rails – or maybe not?


“Katie” she nearly did for the Cambridge ladies rowing team and it brought with her 106 mile winds and a timely reminder that winter is not yet over. It also highlighted just how pathetic our predictions for the worst storm of the winter really were. Our initial front runners were

Even money Tegan

2/1 Vernon

4/1 Eva

8/1 Clodagh

Eva and Clodagh have come and gone and with Lawrence, Mary, Orla, Phil, Rhonda, still yet to make an appearance before we get to Tegan it looks like our take on the odds is going to well off the mark.

But the one thing “Katie” as we stated did remind us is that winter is still not over and that means that if you have a badly fitted door you could still be losing up to 11% of your property heating costs due to draughts – which should be enough of a financial loss to make the average person consider a new front door. Think of the benefits that a new Global Door composite door could bring – shiny and new and adding value to your property – solid secure and draught free – excellent thermal and sound insulation with limited heat loss savings this year but significant ones for coming years. We would not be so bold as to say that a new Global Composite door would pay for itself in “X” number of years – but we live in Britain and we never know what the weather may be – although this year it has been long, wet and grey it has not been the coldest there is no guarantee that next year will not be ferociously cold and windy, in fact just the conditions when you wished you had installed a new Global Composite door – last year. If you like the idea of a new door but do not like the sound of a one off payment – fear not 0% finance is available subject to approval.

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