Don’t be fooled

If your front door needs one of these come the dark days of winter it should maybe setting a few alarm bells ringing. Here we are in the height of summer and the draught excluding sausage dog is safely tucked away in some cupboard and the draught that you complained about all winter now seems more of a “breathe of fresh air” as it brings some relief from the summer warmth. That same draught that you find refreshing come summer time is actually sucking the heat from your home and the cash from your pocket during the winter months so maybe it’s time that you gave the “sausage dog” a permanent home in the cupboard and seriously considered a solution that actually works when it comes to preventing draughts.

A new composite front door from Global Door is the ideal solution solid, reliable available in a multitude of styles and colours with lots of optional extras to allow for the personal touch and best of all (at least for most of us) no maintenance – other than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth – a new door could last for circa thirty years with the minimum of care and attention. All Global Doors are competitively priced and our superb fitting teams can install anywhere throughout the UK plus if money is a bit tight after or because of the summer hols, our 0% Finance deals may be the solution for you.

How can we be so sure that we can solve your draught problems? Easy, every one of our doors is factory engineered to the highest quality standards as a “door set” a combined door and frame unit where the draughtproofing is incorporated into the frame and door prior to it ever reaching your home – the door and frame are delivered as a unit, the door is removed from the frame, the frame is installed and then the door re installed the draughtproofing remaining untouched throughout the operation.

As soon as you install a new Global composite front door you start saving money the core of our doors is a solid polyurethane slab which provides both superb thermal and acoustic insulation and which can be cut and preformed along with the grp cladding skins of the door to mimic any pattern required which is why we are able to offer so many styles.

If the thought of a new front door now sounds a little more tempting why not visit the Global Door web site and check out all the styles and colours and extras and even all the boring technical stuff and pretty soon you could be looking at a front door that looks as good as this ( there are hundreds of examples of such photographs of doors we have installed on our “Gallery Page”)

And come the dark days of winter you will actually start saving money.