Prepare for the worst – hope for the best

How true those words may become during the darkest days of winter – because if all of the predictions are proved to be correct we are in for possibly our worst winter since 2009-2010. The cause according to our worldwide weather forecasters – “El Nino “ ( a warming of the southern Pacific Ocean which impacts weather around the world, including the UK) is larger than normal and so are the predicted consequences, or as the Telegraph puts it Godzilla El Nino

If you have not renewed your front or back door in recent years maybe now is the time to consider a change – we do not need to advise the benefits there are plenty of Government sponsored campaigns trying to ensure that we all do our bit to prevent Global Warning by ensuring that our homes are adequately insulated although they tend to emphasise loft and cavity wall insulation and new boilers and forget about new doors or windows. A recent Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) study advised that, insulated doors are the third most cost effective energy-saving home improvement that it is possible to make  a replacement boiler and cavity wall insulation being the most cost effective savings

Older doors deteriorate with time and are rarely insulated or adequately draft-sealed therefore they become a great source of heat loss, up to 11% of the overall heat loss in a typical home can be lost through a door .Costly energy bills can be reduced instantly when you install a new fully insulated and draft sealed Composite Front door and that’s a factor that will add value to any property.

Similar to electrical appliances, doors can now be tested for their Energy efficiency and be given a simple A-G rating. A high performance insulated door will have a minimum energy rating of ‘C’ and above Avoid doors with a rating of ‘D’ or below. The rating your door will be influenced by its glazing content.  Every Global Door comes with its own individual energy rating certificate between A and C.

When potential customers ask us – “How quickly will they notice cost saving benefits of a new insulated entrance door? “we are the first to admit we do not have a simple answer as no two homes or individual energy usage are the same – so we always give the following answer –“The 11 % heat loss starts to be repaid the moment you close your new door -reducing the heat loss from your home with the consequent saving in your energy bills”

So Global door can provide a wethertight door but what will it look like – simple answer again – “as good as you want it to” with a choice of twenty one styles in thirteen colours and a multitude of glazing and accessory options your door can look exactly as you would want it to look – in best “Blue Peter “style here are two we prepared earlier.

The time it took to design each of these doors using our online designer – a couple of minutes it is so simple just follow the instructions and watch your design take shape and the price of the door that you design is displayed right there on the screen.

What is there not to like about these two and best of all they are guaranteed to keep the weather out.

At Global we do not forget that the quality of installation is paramount to ensuring that your door functions as it should which is why should you select our installation service you can be sure that all of our doors are installed to the same high standard every time by our specialist installers, not by a less than reliable “man in a van”, that’s not the Global Door way. With Global Door you can be sure that all of our doors will be installed to a very high installation standard with the minimum convenience to the customer. In order to ensure these quality installations we have a partnership arrangement with a nationally known installation company who operate from depots throughout the UK, they are massively experienced and authorised service providers to the Insurance market. We are so confident that the quality of our installation service is so exceptional and reliable that we offer a five year installation guarantee as standard on every door purchased from Global Door.

If you still have an old draughty front door maybe now is the time to change before the full onset of winter and just to make it that little bit easier any door from Global Door can be supplied on interest free credit for customers who comply with the necessary finance criteria.