In this consumer driven world we have come to take so many things for granted –

Petrol stations will have petrol –

Supermarkets will have food –

Public Houses will have our favourite tipple –

ATM machines will have money – (maybe but not always which can be inconvenient when it happens)

And fresh clean water will flow when you turn on the tap – unless of course you live in or around Aviemore in Scotland where changes in the local supply have produced complaints ranging from –

“It tastes like a swimming pool” to “even my cows will not drink it” the cause of the problem seems to be a change from Loch water to Treated water and the requirement to add additional chemicals – to their credit Scottish Water are not leaving their customers “high and dry” they are investigating the “Aviemore Chlorination” problem and attempting to resolve the issue.

The reason that so many things we take for granted work is because society runs on systems – supply chains – quality management etc. that ensure the same quality or availability are built upon tried and tested procedures – not quite the masses of paper that we all hated as so much is now computerised but practices and procedures that have been proven to work.

The same principle applies in something as straightforward as an online door company such as ourselves here at Global Door a part of the GFD Group of companies which also includes Timber Composite Doors, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices we specialise in doors therefore we have taken the time and effort to learn about our product honed our skills in digital presentation to create user friendly web sites and through a process of trial and error we have been able to address all the service and installation issues that our customers expect. AT GFD we accept we have in the past got things wrong and we may well do so again in the future but we learn from our mistakes and quickly rectify them because we recognise that consumer requirements are forever changing and we have to keep changing and re-inventing ourselves to match our client’s needs.

In order to ensure quality product here at Global Door we work with Doorstop International a tried and trusted manufacturer of quality doors which are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures in a controlled factory environment to ensure the same quality every time.

The core of our own service team have been with the company for years so they know our procedures inside out so if on the odd occasion things may not go according to plan they know how to sort problems

In the early days we tried a man in a van installation teams – it did not work for us – we are now into our sixth year of partnering with one of the most respected installation companies in the UK – a system which works well for both parties – our customer web site navigation / door designer / ordering / survey / installation procedures are now so computer driven and sophisticated that the human involvement is limited to the surveyor and the team who carry out your installation.

Our customers requested financial term for payment – we provided it –

Our customers wanted more technical information – we filled our site full of it

Our customers justifiably wanted to know about guarantees etc. – we advised them about their DGCOS cover –we provided them with product and installation guarantees which come as part of the delivery pack along with the thermal insulation details

Our customers wanted to know what previous customers have said about our service so we publish regular TRUST PILOT updates we even in a previous blog “bursting the bubble of unscrupulous traders” told our customers how to interrogate these reviews to find any dubious ones.

The basic philosophy of the GFD Group and all its businesses has been the same for all of our existence- “Innovate educate support cultivate evaluate and innovate again” – only by such continuous improvement can we provide our customers with the “SAME EVERY TIME” service that they would expect from a company such as ourselves.