Did he know – prophetic last words

We aren’t here for long. We should make the most of every moment. We all understand this yet don’t we forget it, many times? We get caught up in missions, battles and desires. We imagine that we have forever and a day.”

The prophetic words of Jonathan Cainers’ last horoscope for his own star sign Sagittarius – the long-time astrologist for the Daily Mail who recently passed away to continue his journey among the stars he loved so much.

We all say that we do not believe in horoscopes and yours truly is no different glance at them and discard them EXCEPT for the words of Jonathan Cainer which somehow seemed to “touch a nerve” with the events that were occurring in my personal life – he will be sadly missed by an awful lot of believers and many like myself for whom his words often had meaning.

Jonathans fellow Daily Mail writer Sarah Vine sums up perfectly the view many of us had with his predictions

“It wasn’t just the uncanny accuracy of his predictions. It was the way he wrote with a rare intelligence and literacy. He could be waspish and snippy, sympathetic and stern. Part astrologer, part shrink, his was always the first page I turned to when reading the paper

It is undoubtedly a strange world of difficult times in which we currently live and whether there is any benefit in knowing one’s future is something only the individual can decide – when staring the GFD Group some eight years ago it would have been interesting to have an insight into the directions we should take but then that would have taken away the “fun” of making all those mistakes along the way and there have been quite a few. We can however say with certainty – when we made a mistake we learnt from our errors and they were never repeated and so the company was able to evolve – form humble beginnings of our first web site –


Global Door which is still up there as one of our flagship sites even though it is now into its fourth re working of the web site –


Closely followed by Fusion Door

And then we became a little more ambitious with the launch of our Solidor timber core door speciality site Timber Composite Doors


and our Composite Door Prices site the one we designed to make life easier for prospective purchasers by vetting the market on their behalf to provide them with the best choices and value for money in composite doors.


In all of this time we did not forget our friends in the trade – they find our Trade Village web site


Invaluable when it comes to assessing their door and building requirements.

And we did not forget the windows Global Sash Windows look superb on any period or country property


Or the security that every property requires we have that catered for with our Eurosecure web site


Where you will find all the locks and accessroies you need to secure your home

As is the case with Sarah Vine we at GFD Group did not know JonathanCainer but we had would he have predicted our growth to a successful market leader in the sales of Composite Doors , windows etc and what of the future – could he predicted where we will go to next for our future web outlets – probably not – but we do.

The GFD Group has a lot of exciting new developments in the pipeline new products and new websites – three of which should be “live” this year you may not recognise them initially as we are diversifying a little (unless of course you have the services of a great astologer0 but once you find them you will see they bear the GFD trademark style and you will know quality is guaranteed.