How much bang do you want for your buck?

Or to put it another way what is “Value for money”

When it comes to this stuff –

the majority of us either never have enough or could always do with a little more – so when it comes to spending it – in general we all want the same thing – value for money?

Human nature suggests that we all love a bargain – but when does that bargain become a liability?

Anything purchased for a knock down price but without service or guarantees is undoubtedly a bargain until something breaks or stops working – the law in the form of the Consumer Protection Act (the one which replaced the Sale of Goods Act in 2015) may be able to help but there again it may not and it could well be that you have no proof of purchase (receipts or invoices) cannot locate the salesperson or any one of a number of reasons that could frustrate any claim you may have. The really bad news is that even if you trade with a legitimate company you can be left in the lurch – high and dry with no chance of financial recourse against anyone – if you think it will never apply to you – you’re to street wise etc. take another look at our article “caveat emptor” – if a company of the size and carrying the reputable name “Yale” Doors can fail leaving disappointed and dejected customers with nowhere to go – maybe you should think twice about that bargain.

We at GFD Group HQ are well aware of the reputation of our industry we know that it has been tagged since “Time immemorial” as a dubious business full of “dodgy “characters and whilst we accept that there are still some of our number out there whose business practices are questionable – this is an industry that has been forced to clean up its act to survive.

GFD Group is one of a new breed of companies – because we sell online we are governed and policed by internet rules which mean we have to be whiter than white – not that we at GFD Group need this degree of regulation because our whole philosophy/ethos is based around putting the customer first. Every time we sit down to make the key decisions in the company the first question is a simple one – how will this action impact/benefit the customer?

It only takes a cursory view of anyone of our websites Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices ,Eurosecure or the soon to be launched WarmcoreHomes and it is evident that we do everything that we can to give the customer “peace of mind”

First the easy part – the product and the service –

All of our products are good if this was not the case we would not be selling them- we vet and test long before they reach our web sites.

Our Sales and Installation services are tried and tested – our Sales team are all in house and company trained and for our installations we have worked in conjunction with one installer for six years so we know how to respect and satisfy our customers’ requirements – a quick look at our TRUST PILOT and the praise heaped upon all three should be enough to alleviate anyone’s concerns..

Second the extras everyone either forgets about or takes for granted or does not even know they are buying into until something goes wrong –

The Guarantees – the easy ones – product twelve years – installation five years and yes we do come back if something goes wrong we take our guarantees extremely seriously we do not simply pay lip service to them.

– but what about your deposit or what if something goes wrong in the installation – the GFD Group of Companies look after the customer’s interests in these matters by seeking out the best available options to fulfil our customers’ requirements – we do not display it anywhere but we at GFD Group have to pay for this service which we provide to all of our customers. We always place our customer’s interests first and if a deal that suits them better and provides more cover we will be on the case – watch this space we most definitely have our customers backs.

Financial assistance – if you need it we can provide it visa Barclays provided that you meet the appropriate financial criteria.

Thirdly our web sites– we have taken the time and the care to make them as easy to navigate and as user friendly as possible – we cram them full of the sort of information that others may not tell you and we provide you with the facility to design the door you want not the one some showroom salesman wants to sell you. The issue of Showroom is a tricky one that crops up from time to time – we do not have one so that’s why we put so much effort into our web sites- we want to maximise our customers choice not limit it and to display all our product options would require an enormous and non-cost effective showroom –which is why our graphical representations of products are as good as technology allows – but occasionally manufacturers tweak a product and forget to tell us until we have accepted delivery on your behalf – in such cases we always do our best to address these issues.

At GFD Group we are realists – we know we do not provide the cheapest door solution you will find – we know that there are doors of better and poorer quality available but more importantly for our customers we know that we provide a quality product backed up by a quality service sales, installation and after sales we have been trading for eight years and our reputation for reliability is growing and we believe that our product and service really does provide excellent value when it comes to “bang for your buck”