Where would we be without a front door at Christmas?

It’s the focal point for everything

Take for example one of these

Without a door where would you hang your holly wreath

Without a front door where would you meet and greet friends and family as you invite them into your home to share in the Christmas festivities – your front door says so much about you and your home – warmth, passion, love and caring – styles and colours dictate that first impression to all who pass through.

Without a front door, how would your Christmas cards get delivered

Without a front door how would you get the turkey and trimmings to the table.

Without a front door, how would the parents (Santa) get the presents in and how would the kids get them out.

Getting Santa in through the front door can be very important if you do not have a chimney.

At this time of year we have hundreds of Christmas songs extolling the virtues of everything from “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” (something we in the GFD HQ cannot remember ever seeing) to “sleigh bells ringing in a winter wonderland” ( we do not get a lot of this up in Hartlepool – but the video link is worth watching if only for the nice images) and somewhat disappointingly we cannot recall or find a Christmas song that makes reference to front doors maybe this should be our task for 2017 to write a Christmas song about our doors.

The front door the oft forgotten hero of Christmas – which really is rather a shame when the front doors supplied and installed by Global Door are as good as they are – so good in fact that the day you have a new door from installed whatever the season it will still feel like Christmas day.

If you are looking for a new home for next year’s holly wreath here are three doors that you may wish to consider


Only three of the huge selection of styles and colours that you will find in the Global Door web site a web site that is packed full of information and specifications – easy to navigate and even easier to place your order – why wait for Christmas 2017 to find a new home for your Christmas wreath order your new door now and start to save as the superb thermal and draught proofing of your will not only keep the winter chills at bay but also help you save money NOW as more heat will be retained in your home.

Christmas would definitely be a colder and less happy place without a front door as we said at the beginning –