Composite door images can they be trusted?

Yes they can when you know that they have come straight from the Global Door gallery page web site – this “Black Circle” door comes straight from the “Contemporary doors page” – the example we have chosen is far from the “prettiest” door on our gallery pages, we have chosen it because it is a typical example of a standard door on a normal suburban street – no frills just a real image.

We try to make our gallery pages as user friendly as possible by allowing you to filter your door type, traditional, contemporary, etc, your door style 3 diamond, 4 square etc and even by colour so that if we have a photograph of a door that we have installed that matches your specification you should be able to find a similar photograph of an actual installed door.

The use of the web for online shopping of virtually anything has revolutionised the way we shop – Global Door started trading some nine years ago, because we believed that online was the way forward even for doors – back then If you had wished to purchase a new front door it would generally have required a visit to your local DIY store or Timber Stockist where your choice would be limited to what they had in stock or that which was available on order from a brochure. How times have changed the arrival of the digital revolution, the majority of us possess lap tops, tablets or phones where we can instantly connect to the internet and a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to shopping.

It was also about that same time ten years ago that composite doors were first starting to appear as the front door of choice, they have now become so popular that whenever you pick up a trade periodical or even a “home” or “DIY” magazine there images are everywhere – numerous suppliers numerous styles all beautifully photographed but not necessarily representative of the average installation, because their prime function is as an advertising medium to look very enticing to the would be purchaser.

The downside to pretty pictures is that they do not provide give that “touchy feely” reassurance which only comes from laying your own hands upon your own product of choice.

When you use the Global Door, door designer – simply click the “quick Quote” tab on the drop-down menu on the home page, you can design your own front door and as you design you will see your door develop in a flat screen image – there are a number of benefits when you develop your own door –

you can go back and edit and change your design

you will be guided to specification options and as our web site is crammed full of specification information it is a good idea to check out the specification pages as you go as it may help to improve your design.

you will be guided to our excellent installation service

you will be given the option of reviewing our excellent financial packages

and much much more.

Once you have designed your door you can use the gallery pages to see if we already have a photograph of a door similar to your design on a home of similar design.


How representative of the door that you want to purchase can photographs they really be, if you can find it in the gallery the answer has to be – very representative – we know from our analysis of our web site that our prospective customers do spend more time on the gallery pages than any other which suggests that the majority of customers agree that images are important.

At Global Door we believe that the images on our web site are best viewed in conjunction with a full product specification, which is why we try to provide all the relevant information, only then can you be sure that the aesthetics of appearance will be matched by the quality and workmanship of a high class product. Our web site contains full specification information on the construction of our doors – a reinforced hardwood frame, set around a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core and clad each side with a 2mm thick GRP through coloured skin.

Others may make statements about the quality of their doors, we provide the evidence our doors meet all relevant standards, “Secured by Design”, “PAS 24”, Thermal certification etc (all of which require independent third party testing) and we enclose all the relevant accreditations on the web site.

At Global Door, we are intent upon providing door images that our customers can trust, whether it is a carousel of images or images of live installation everything you see is taken from original photographs with no attempt to air brush or in any way improve the image. As an online rather than Showroom supplier we have to try that little bit harder as our connection with our customers is on the digital rather than physical level, we have therefore endeavoured to create one of the most comprehensive and interactive web sites around to allow our customers to be interactive in both the selection and full purchase experience

We provide everything you need to make this purchase experience as enjoyable as possible, twenty-one door styles, in a choice of thirteen colours, a multitude of glass options and even a choice of colours for your accessories and all sorted from the comfort of your arm chair.

Composite door images, can they be trusted, Global Door composite door images most certainly can be simply because they are real.