A storm in a teacup –

It’s all getting a bit complicated

This was Ophelia which blew in to the UK last week giving us not just horrendous gales and rain but unusual and ethereal landscapes as the world seemed shrouded in an eerie atmospheric quiet mist which were in many places compounded by blackened skies and glowing red suns.

A very strange day and one beautifully captured by photographer Sean Elliot in his photographs of a Northumberland wedding as featured in this “Mail on line” article. We are sure Sean and the happy couple will not mind us reproducing one of their photographs here just to illustrate how superb they were against such a haunting background.

The reason we at Global Door are confused is – this was Hurricane Ophelia which blew in from the Atlantic and was downgraded to a storm once it hit Ireland – so if it was downgraded why did it keep its name of Ophelia and not become storm “Brian” because it arrived here before “Brian” and Storm Aileen the first of the winter storms preceded both in mid-September with little impact to many of us. Brian would then have become “Caroline” but as the current situation stands we still await this lovely or maybe not so lovely lady (depending on how fiercely she blows in).

Just to make things more confusing – the Met Office do not appear to be able to find names for –Q,U,X Y and Z – or maybe none have been used for the last three years so may we suggest

Q – Quentin – Queenie

U – Ursula – Umberto

X – Xerxes – Xanthus

Y – Yvonne – Yves

Z – Zephania – Zale

Which seem at least as acceptable as at least one of the names used in the current list, admittedly none of us in the office are experts in “onomastics” (the study of peoples names) but none of us have ever heard of a “Tali”

The one thing that we are not confused about is that at least sometime over the next six months some storms bearing these names will blow in creating chaos and doing damage to homes and property – when they do arrive wouldn’t it be nice to know that you were warm and secure behind a nice new Global Door – guaranteed to keep the wind, the rain and the snow out whilst you are warm and cosy on the inside.

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