At Global Door we sell doors not SMART security systems but we are very aware that many of our customers require more than just a  door and an Ultion lock to secure their property and we are always keen to assist our customers. As part of the GFD Group Timber Composite Doors have a sister company Eurosecure that specialises in everything you need to secure your home and that includes a whole range of SMART products

Smart technology has not quietly crept up upon us it has blown in like a tornado changing so many of the things we took for granted as normal living standards. The automated home is here to stay with the continued development of the “internet of things” linking so many of the gadgets in your home digitally and home security has not been left behind.

Starting with the front door it when you need more than our Ultion super secure lock why not try the –

Ultion Smart Door Locks

The Ultion lock has gone SMART with features such as – Control from your phone – Auto lock and unlock it Works with: Bluetooth, Apple Home Kit, Zigbee, and Z-Wave or for the more traditional a key Its fully customisable from your free app it supports guest key entry and best of all it can be installed in just 5 minutes and if you want PIN code operation that’s available too – and that’s just some of the features find out more at

and if you want to keep a watchful eye on your home remotely have you considered –

Home cameras
CCTV systems are one security measure  that has benefitted greatly from SMART technology it’s not that long ago that if you told someone you were able to remotely view your property or even individual rooms, or talk to strangers at your door and record all the comings and goings to your computer for security purposes (such as identifying the would be burglar) and do it all from a smartphone app – they would have thought you were mad. Yesterday’s dream of interactive CCTV for the domestic residence is now a reality and there are a number of systems available that do all of the above find out more at

or if you want to let strangers believe you are in when you are actually out have you thought of using a –

Smart plug
Gone are the days when you had to set a plug in timer on your standard lamps to give the impression that you were home  now it can all be done from your smart phone and it’s not just lights any appliances  can be turned on/off remotely when you plug in  a power switch – smart plugs are featured in a number of our Smart Home alarm, view and control kits – see

The traditional alarm has also gone SMART

Smart Home Alarms
It no longer has to be an irritant to the neighbours – you receive instant image alerts to your smartphone whenever  motion is detected and as you  can arm, part-arm or disarm your device, all with a tap on your smartphone your alarm does not have to ring incessantly when a false alarm sets it off .  Installation could not be easier as many smart home alarms are self-contained with no wired connections required – find out more about indoor or outdoor alarms at –

and as a final thought as the dark nights are upon us and this is the time of year when statistics tell us that burglaries increase by as much as 38%.  The traditional methods of securing your home, good quality locks, audio burglar alarms and external lights all work really well but those of us who are really “SMART” are embracing a new technology.