As with all new inventions some survive and some fail this is one we are not sure about it undoubtedly has a benefit and a place but maybe the UK market is not yet ready for this degree of innovation – but if you think this innovative product is for you give us a call at Global door and we will do our very best to source it for you.

So what is it that is so different, we have all become familiar with the access door / video cam which allow us to see who is ringing our door bell, but now the technology has advanced to such a level that we do not even need to be at home to view our visitor. The new smartest door bell on the block is Wi-Fi enabled and lets you stream live video of who’s at your door and chat with them in real time via an app, even when you’re not home.

The latest version of this technology known as the DoorBot has a camera on the front and is mounted adjacent to your existing doorbell, when someone rings the bell, the DoorBot calls your Smartphone and transmits a live video stream of what it sees via the built-in Wi-Fi, this then appears on your Smartphone screen courtesy of the free DoorBot app..

With its sleek and strong faceplate design measuring only 5.68”x2.39” the device is difficult to remove for any would be thief and as it is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries which will last for at least a year, it requires little if any maintenance.

If you wish to take your use of remote gadgets to the next level the company can also add a service called Lockitron to the device, this allows the front door to be remotely locked and un locked from the Smartphone

With the DoorBot working for you, you need never again miss a visitor or a delivery and you will always know who is standing at your doorstep

Remember, if this is a must have item for you, or if there is any product out there that you would like for your new front door simply give us a call at Global door and we will do the rest – source – cost – install – we have the time and resources to track our customers requirements.

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