Composite door colours

A Black door with stylish glazing and a warm background lighting looks great

Black is only one of the thirteen external colours available for you to choose from (white is standard for the internal colour) for our Traditional, Contemporary or Cottage door styles and as the skins of our doors are exceedingly durable GRP based cladding will not fade or rot with the constant weathering, so it never needs sanding and painting or varnishing to keep it looking smart they require a minimum of maintenance other than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth and a yearly drop of oil for the hinges, you will have zero maintenance to worry about compared to the constant re decorating required of timber doors – our comparison table below highlights just how hardwearing a new composite door can be.

Door Type Expected Life Maintenance
Softwood Door 25 Years Paint, 5 Years
Hardwood Door 35 Years Paint, 5 Years
Steel Composite Door 30 Years Wipe Clean
Composite Door 25 Years Wipe Clean
PVC Panel Door 20 Years Wipe Clean

When maintenance is not an issue it gives more time to contemplate the colour because if you are going to get the most out of your door the colour you choose must be one that you know that you can live with, we at Global Door can pretty much guarantee that with the correct minimal maintenance that your door will look just as good in thirty years, but can you guarantee that you will still be loving the colour you choose today in thirty years

Each of us will have our own personal favourite colours and its surprisingly difficult to choose when faced with so many options each has their own distinct quality and we associate each their own attributes– some of the more common and often repeated are –

  • black Composite Door–timeless elegance
  • blue Composite Door– tranquiity
  • red Composite Door– passion
  • green Composite Door– ecologically friendly
  • brown or natural wood colours – rustic
  • white Composite Door- cleanliness
  • grey Composite Door -solid and dependable

Composite doors in any of the standard thirteen colours are normally sufficient for most customers but if you have a specific request for a specific colour to match your décor – let us know the RAL number, if we can source it we will provide it for a small extra cost.

Pick your mood, pick your colour but remember it may have to last you thirty years –if you are looking for further inspiration you could do worse than taking a look at our Gallery page where we have hundreds of photographs of installations already successfully carried out by ourselves

With a composite door from Global door you can be assured that no matter your choice of colour every door is manufactured to exacting standards comprising _

  • a reinforced hardwood frame
  • a solid thermally insulated polyurethane foam core slab
  • a 2mm thick durable GRP through coloured skin to prevent warp, twist bow etc
  • a thickness of 44mm which adds to the strength and creates a strong secure door

The Global door business is built upon servicing the needs of our customers by both providing the product they require and the quality of service and installation that they all expect which is why our web site not only contains all the door specification information you require but also has pages dedicated to –



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Consumer protection

And much much more, because we know how hard it is to select a colour for your door – but that decision is easier when you know that we at Global Door have provided you with all the information and guidance you need to make an informed choice – we want you to enjoy picking the colour of your new Global Door