Composite doors from Global Door – Why we give you as much information as we can

In the ten years of trading of the GFD Group of companies – of which Global Door was a founder company our primary objective has remained the same – to keep our customers as well informed as possible and to make the purchase of their new front door an adventure rather than a chore.

The GFD Group may have commenced in business some ten years ago but the collective experience of our key personal goes much deeper – we remember all the comments that customers back then used to make about the things they disliked –

Composite Doors

Salesmen coming into your home and trying to wear you down with “Managers offer of the day etc”

Brochures that did not represesnt the products

Installers who did not respect their property

Being three of the frequently repeated complaints.

We knew because you told us – you wanted all of the information to make an informed decision without the hassle of dealing with intrusive sales. The GFD Group of companies was never going to be anything other than an “on line web sales” company, therefore all of our efforts were dedicated to create some of the most “user friendly” “easy to navigate” and “information crammed” web sites we possibly could, in order to ensure that all of our customers would enjoy their door purchasing adventure.

We have never made the claims that others have that we were first to do this or that – the online industry is growing at a rapid pace and we have always concentrated our efforts to be a front runner in the industry providing the level of service we believe our customers should expect.

The above image is taken straight from the “Traditional Doors” page of our web site and is a good starting point for the “adventure” as the page not only leads straight in with typical cost information style and colour availability it also includes links to numerous informative features –

Free UK delivery

0% Finance

Nationwide Installation

The Ultion lock

Our Gallery of photographs of doors we have installed

Reviews from previous purchasers

Our Blogs

And if you go all the way to the bottom of the page – the black box gives links to all of the pages on the web site and lower still and there are links to Globals sister group sites

That’s a lot of information for one web page – but it gets better and easier –

Click on the “view door” square adjacent to any door and you will be transferred to s “door specific “ page where you will find some of the previously noted links repested but more importantly you will find new information on typical finncing costs and full specification f for the door of your choice

As an alternative to to clicking “view door” you could click the “design /buy now” link which will take you to the page where the real fun begins where you can actually design the door of your choice – change /edit it as many times as you like until you have your perfect door add installation if you require connect with the finance link etc. When you have completed your design you will find a page similar to that below where the price of your design will be displayed.

Ultion Lock on Composite Doors
When GFD / Global Doorfirst introduced the “door designer” onto our web sites we used the tag line “ the price you see is the price you pay” a phrase often copied but never bettered by the competition and a phrase that still holds good today.

All of the above is essential to the purchase of the door you desire but you also need to know your rights which is why Global Door has introduced a “Consumer Protection“ page onto our web site.

As in all good novel adventure plots there is a beginning a middle and an ending and this is how we hope the Global Door adventure will be for all of our customers.

The beginning – with our web site we provide all the information our customers need to make an informed decision

The middle – you the customer develop the story by making your own choices in the design of your door.

The end – you press the “buy” button and we take over and provide and install the door that you really want.

Conclusion – you become a further happy and satisfied Global Door just like so many Trust Pilot reviewers before you


We all live happy ever after.