Case Proven – Ultion Beats the Burglars!

The “jury has been out” but now they are back and the verdict is Case proven.

When Global Door first combined their superb Composite Doors with the “Ultion lock” – we were pretty certain that it was a gamble that would prove successful – our doors had a proven track record but the Ultion lock was a newcomer, a newcomer with a set of very impressive accreditations that suggested it would perform brilliantly as witnessed by the following chart. Locks are rated for their performance by stars and where a 3-star rating had been considered pretty good, the Ultion, “Sold Secure” rating took domestic locks to the next level.


Ultion succeeds in 7 ways that 3 star locks don’t

Ultion Proves its Worth
Even with our knowledge of the product here at Global Door we had no actual physical proof to show that the lock performed the way we all believed it would when placed under attack – that was until very recently when a “real life” video was posted on twitter by home owner Mr Amjid Khan showing thieves taking longer than 3 minutes to attempt to break into a property secured by an Ultion lock. The unfortunate would be burglars were caught on a “video doorbell” of which they were probably not even aware.

Ultion Beats The Burglar! from Euro-Secure on Vimeo.

Mr Khan- who was not in the premises at the time explains –

When I got home, I saw the house was secure but someone had snapped the handle and the external barrel of the cylinder lock. However, the main part of the cylinder was still in the door and stopped the burglars getting in.”

The would-be burglars can actually be heard discussing the fact that they did not believe they could gain entry.

Mr Khan was so impressed with the performance of the ULtion lock that he continued his tweet-

When I saw what happened I contacted a locksmith immediately – and later that day I tweeted to recommend Ultion to everyone I knew.”

At Global Door we believe our role is to provide our customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions when purchasing one of our doors – the attached video clearly proves that in Mr Khans case the Ultion locks fitted as standard to all Global Doors work exactly as planned – preventing unlawful access to your property-

– when asked for his view Mr Nick Dutton CEO of Brisant Secure, which makes the Ultion lock, explained –

“The two sacrificial sections on Ultion had been snapped and the cylinder had gone into ‘Lock Down Mode’ “The burglars couldn’t get to the attack lock because it was protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core – 25% denser than iron – and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. You can hear how easily the handle got snapped off, but they couldn’t open the door because Ultion was still secure”

Composite Doors from Global Door come in a superb range of colours and styles with a vast range of accessories which makes it that much harder for our customers to choose

A new front door that looks as good as this image which has been lifted from our gallery pages of actual installations certainly looks the part – but now when it is combined with a lock as dependable as this –

the Ultion lock – ensures that you have a door that has both the best in styles and security.

Ultion 3 Star Sold Secure Lock


Case proven the Ultion Lock and Global door the perfect combination.