It’s a wonderful Life

They say that everyone has a guardian angel; unfortunately for most of us if they are out there we never get to meet them. This was not the case for a certain George Bailey, the story of how he met his Guardian Angel and the impact which it had on his life gives us the backdrop and storyline to the wonderful Christmas movie – It’s a wonderful life

wonderfullife wonderful-life-2

Poor old James Stewart who played the role of George Bailey had to endure some pretty abysmal weather while filming his scenes for this film- just look at these stills – the sort of weather that makes you wish that you had a guardian angel who could provide you with a new front door to keep out the worst of the winter weather.

Your wish may be just about to come true – at Global Door just like Clarence Odbody in the movie we love to play the role of guardian angel so if it’s a new front door you need just give us a call or even better design your own personalised door on our web site.

In fact the door in that first still looks remarkably like our  2Panel 1 Grill door – but we checked we have never delivered a door to Bedford Falls (the town in the film) check it out below

The 2Panel 1 grill is just one of the huge range of quality doors available from Global Door and they all come in a tremendous range of colours as illustrated above.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.30.23

As Guardian Angels go our powers are pretty limited we cannot change your life but we can make it just a little bit more secure by providing you with a quality Composite front door that has an anticipated life span of thirty years if given the minimum of maintenance so it will not just be this year that you are protected from the weather – you will be warm and cosy for years to come.

Contact your Guardian Angel – Global Door now  -and let us help you change the future of your home and provide you with just one small element of your own Wonderful Life