Wooden Front doors – are they past there sell by date?

Not when they can look as good as this they are not – although we at GFD Group home of Global Door sell composite doors on line, we still recognise that a quality Wooden Front Door has a style all of its own. Our recognition of the quality of wooden front doors begs the question – “if we admire wooden doors why do we deal in composite doors” the answer is both complex and simple –

Although there are still excellent companies manufacturing beautiful wooden front doors the demand for their product has in recent years been rapidly overtaken by the onrush of new materials – UPVC, aluminium and composite.

We are re-sellers rather than door manufacturers but we appreciate that to manufacture a wooden front door is generally more labour (craftsman) orientated than the equivalent door in UPVC or Composite construction and this normally means more expensive and although we appreciate that “quality always sells” it is very difficult to run on-line sales on a low product turnover.

As Composite door re- sellers when we first started GFD Group some ten years ago we saw that although wood and composite were similar in many ways – durability, strength, longevity and stylish appearance – the Composite Doors had other benefits which wooden doors could not match

  • Less maintenance no annual repaint or varnish, just the occasional wipe with a damp cloth.
  • No warping, twisting or swelling with the changing of the seasons
  • Equal or better thermal and acoustic insulation qualities
  • More adaptable to receive changing locking, hardware and glazing styles
  • Available as a finished product in an extensive range of colours which, as the cladding of the door is 2mm through coloured GRP is less likely to scratch or fade.

But the difference that swayed our decision –

The adaptability in manufacture of Composite Doors – because they are manufactured with a central core of rigid polyurethane they can readily formed to mimic any door pattern simply by changing the base cutting template, use the same template for the cladding, add reinforcement and hinge and lock rails place in a press with the appropriate bonding materials and one slab of rigid polyurethane can become anyone of the twenty-four door styles in the Global range. From the GFD perspective we wanted to ensure our customers had a choice of styles , colours and accessories and in our opinion Composite doors offered more of such a choice and with so many options it made our task of creating an expansive an informative web site all the easier – where a showroom salesperson may struggle to know or retain all the facts we had time to develop design and present all the information our prospective customers would need to make an informed purchase choice and all from the comfort of their own homes.

The very fact that Global Door doors really do look superb when installed is a big plus –

And when they look as good as this “Dark Wood two panel door” or the “White two panel square with sidelights” it’s hard to disagree that they are a quality product ( both images taken from our Gallery page where you can find hundreds of images of actual installations

Back to the original question “Wooden Front doors – are they past there sell by date?” here at GFD Group we would state a categoric No!

Doors are very much about location and there are definitely places where a Wooden Front door will always look better (like the image at the start of this item) but with their speed and adaptability of style and the guaranteed quality control that only a factory operation can provide the Composite Door most certainly has the lead when the purchase criteria is choice of style colour and price.

To check out the noted style colour and price simply visit our Global Door web site, sit back read the technical stuff, view the images, design the door of your choice and press the purchase button and leave the rest to us.